Apr 8 2013


The last few weeks have involved lots of picking up…

Commencement tickets a few weeks ago.

Commencement Ball tickets last week.

My cap and gown today.

It’s so surreal to think that in just over a month I’ll be in the Commencement tent.

With warm weather here, I just want to sit outside and let the sun embrace me. Instead, I’m holed up in the library writing my thesis. Which, (fun) I’m presenting at the Religion and the State conference this coming weekend here on campus.

In grad school news, after being accepted to King’s College London, University College London, the New School for Social Research, University of St. Andrew’s (and a whole bunch of others), I had a slight panic. Usually people have no options and freak out, instead I had too many…

I’m pleased to announce (for those of you who haven’t yet heard) that I’ve decided on the University of St. Andrew’s in Scotland! I’ll be shipping off to the land of kilts and deep fried Mars Bars in September for a one year M.Litt in Modern History program.

I’m off to try to get some sun before hitting the books again.

Keep counting down,



Feb 7 2013

We’ve got 99 days and Commencement is one.

Hey all-

Today marks 99 days until Commencement. It’s a very bittersweet feeling. While I’ve had an amazing time over the past four years here in Bristol, I’m ready for a new challenge, a new adventure, and a new location. Which is why I’m super stoked I’ve been offered admission to four grad schools in the UK (UCL, Goldsmiths, Royal Holloway, and Queen Mary)! While I’m still waiting to hear from some more schools in the US, Canada, and a few more in England, getting in somewhere is an amazing feeling. I remember getting my acceptance letter to Roger Williams and how that changed my life- allowing me to spend the past four years with an amazingly dedicated faculty, an incredibly welcoming student body, and be a part of a truly spectacular campus community. Hopefully, in deciding my plans for postgraduate study, I can find a place like Roger Williams to engage my mind, body, and spirit. I’ll keep you posted, as I should know definitively what I’m doing in May.

I’m taking a slightly less intense semester (this is the first time in a while I haven’t taken 6 classes), as I’m only in three traditional courses that take place in the classroom. I’m also engaged in two independent studies- the first, being my political science thesis (something to do with libertarianism, still hammering out the deets) and the other being run through the Community Partnership Center, doing research on maritime history at Bristol’s own Herreshoff Museum. It’ll be an interesting experience, putting my theoretical skills as a historian into practice- digging through archives, doing independent research, and potentially finding something groundbreaking.

Spring semester is definitely in full swing with events- two that I’m particularly looking forward to are Senior Pub Night and Steak and Ale Night. And I can’t not mention Commencement Ball… I’m really just in awe that I’m a senior in college. I feel like I usually mention the passage of time in each of my blogs, but am just dumbfounded that four years have nearly elapsed.

My friends and I are making plans for careers, future study, and real life is imminent. When did we get so old? Somewhere between nap time and writing my thesis I guess…