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…I thought they spoke English in England?

UK Dictionary 1. Toilet, Loo, WC = bathroom 2. Fit = good looking 3. Cheers = thank you 4. Skanky = dirty/ratty/old 5. Tuff = conceited man 6. Tart = promiscuous girl 7. Aubergine = eggplant 8. Biscuit = cookie 9. Scone = biscuit 10. Crisps = chips 11. Rocket = arugula 12. Mind = […]

Pancakes = Crepes

Hoped you all celebrated Fat Tuesday yesterday– I sure did! It was National Pancake Day here and I love me some pancakes. There were pancakes races all over the city yesterday, my friends and I decided to go to the one at Borough Market, right near the Southwark Cathedral and the Thames River. Gorgeous! So […]

Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

I’ll start out by saying that basically everything I was told about studying abroad and London was wrong. The people are not rude, the fashion is not drastically different, the food is not gross and I do not need $5,000 a month to live. I have weekly homework, I do have to attend class each […]

Just touched down in London town.

The day had finally come for my trip to England, January 6th 2012. Unfortunately this was also on the day of my mother’s birthday, but I was happy that I got to spend most of the day with her until my 7:40pm departure time. We celebrated with an early birthday dinner at mom’s favorite restaurant, […]