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Sofia - RWU Class of 2013


Time for a (Spring) Break!

Whew, spring break is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y here. I honestly thought it would never come! February was the longest shortest month I have ever experienced; this year in particular because of the launching of our one-month anti-bullying campaign RememberMeRI. As much work as it was, our campaign was a complete success. We were able to reach all […]

Time Flies!

Hello friends! This semester has been so crazy already, not to mention it is my VERY last semester as a college student! By the middle of this year, I will be living on my own (hopefully), with a full-time real job (hopefully). I have been waiting for the year 2013 for as many years as […]

Where oh where did this semester go?!?!

Woah. Can you believe the semester is almost over? Where did the time go?! My life has been filled with work, class, projects, and meetings non-stop. Per usual, I stretched myself as thin as I can possibly go, and I am participating in probably way too many extra-curriculars, but what can I say? I’m an […]

Back to Bristol!

Hello my friends! I have finally returned to Bristol, RI. London will forever be remembered as one of the best experiences of my life, one that I will cherish forever. Being back in Bristol feels like such a routine, thinking about how I was traveling abroad just a few months ago just doesn’t seem real. […]

European Traveler!

So sorry I’ve been neglecting you all! Classes finished on April 5th, and the beginning of my spring break began on the 8th! I had been living the life all semester with no work, and then all at once I had about 6 papers due within the same week! Poor planning on my part… Anyway, […]

Beyond Windmills and Wooden Shoes

Time is beginning to freak me out. I can’t believe we are now halfway into March… where is the time going?? In one month, I will be traveling through Europe on my spring break. In less than two months time, I will be back in America… AH! I am so overtired and worn out but […]

I Survived London Fashion Week

Attending and working at Fashion Week in one of the most recognized cities in the world is something I could have only dreamed about doing. Let me begin by saying that this was not all glitz and glamor (although there was a great deal of it)—I worked harder than I ever worked in my entire […]

…I thought they spoke English in England?

UK Dictionary 1. Toilet, Loo, WC = bathroom 2. Fit = good looking 3. Cheers = thank you 4. Skanky = dirty/ratty/old 5. Tuff = conceited man 6. Tart = promiscuous girl 7. Aubergine = eggplant 8. Biscuit = cookie 9. Scone = biscuit 10. Crisps = chips 11. Rocket = arugula 12. Mind = […]

Pancakes = Crepes

Hoped you all celebrated Fat Tuesday yesterday– I sure did! It was National Pancake Day here and I love me some pancakes. There were pancakes races all over the city yesterday, my friends and I decided to go to the one at Borough Market, right near the Southwark Cathedral and the Thames River. Gorgeous! So […]

White Chocolate Chunk Cookies… and Other Things

After hunting for the perfect (i.e. cheap) restaurant, I finally had my first proper English breakfast! It was certainly different than the typical hearty “American” breakfast and consisted of fried eggs, sausage, bacon, baked beans, a grilled tomato and a choice of either a portobello mushroom or black pudding (I won’t disgust you with an […]