Senior Status

Sofia - RWU Class of 2013

The Last Mile

We are coming down to the last mile. Yesterday, I made a list of all of my final assignments. I do this every semester, but this semester is a bit different… a bit more nostalgic. As excited as I am to be crossing off these huge final assignments and exams on my list, it only takes me one step closer to graduation day. This is one step closer to a diploma, to official adulthood, and to this “real world” we have been talking about for the past ten years of our lives.


So needless to say, I’m totally freaking out.


Not that I necessarily should be. I have a resume that in my opinion, could land me a pretty decent job in no time. I have everything for graduation all set and in order, and I’m trying to keep a happy balance between working hard and playing hard. I really want to enjoy my last few weeks here with my friends who have become such like a family in a nest that is RWU.


But it’s that unknown that petrifies me—that possibility that I might not have a job. That possibility that I might end up back at home after graduation with no job, picking up my American Eagle Outfitters job as a Sales Associate for the summer. I mean, yes, it’s money. But I feel like I have been waiting my whole life preparing myself for a real career in the field I love—now it’s time to get it and I am craving it more than I crave peppermint ice cream.


It’s that unknown that I am applying to jobs in Boston, in Miami, in San Francisco, in Las Vegas, and even in London (don’t tell my mother, she’ll have a panic attack). I have absolutely no idea where I will end up in six months and as exciting that sounds to most, it is equally petrifying for me.


A few months ago, I was given a job voodoo candle by my public relations professor, Dr. Shelton. I’ve never believed in spirits or things like this, but the stories she tells about students finding jobs within 24 hours of lighting these candles are compelling. I stare at this candle sitting on my desk each night, as if it’s haunting me, tempting me, telling me to light it.


I have two job interviews this week and I just might have to take the plunge and light the candle, just as we all must take the plunge into life, into our future, into our dreams and passions. It’s finally time to live out what we have set out to accomplish—this, my friends; this is the best time of our lives.