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Time for a (Spring) Break!

Whew, spring break is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y here. I honestly thought it would never come! February was the longest shortest month I have ever experienced; this year in particular because of the launching of our one-month anti-bullying campaign RememberMeRI.

As much work as it was, our campaign was a complete success. We were able to reach all of our social media goals, secure television and radio coverage, and had at least 50 people in attendance at all of our events! We are working on compiling the book for submission into the Bateman competition, and we will find out if we made top 3 in the country on April 15. April 15 is my own personal doomsday.

Like I have time to think of anything other than this campaign, I am also thinking about job-hunting, which I have officially started my Excel spreadsheet of places I have applied and places I will be applying. As bummed as I am that I’m not going somewhere tropical and relaxing for spring break, I am partially thankful. I have so, so, SO much work to do, and I am hoping I can get myself to be productive over this break to do some catching up and getting ahead.

As I was making my aggressively long to-do list for this week, I then proceeded to do something really, incredibly stupid. I counted how many weeks left until the end of the semester. Normally, this wouldn’t be a bad thing to do; however, as I was got to the last week of classes and flipped the page in my agenda book once more, I saw that word that I am deathly scared of: “Commencement”. Precisely 8 weeks until I will be walking across the stage. 8 weeks until I will be a college graduate; until I am a “real person”; until I am potentially (hopefully) employed; until I have the whole world at my fingertips.

Yes, this is what I have been waiting for basically my entire life. We’ve all been in school since we were basically toddlers, completing grade after grade and working our butts off, with hopes of getting into our dream school and finally receiving that coveted college degree that we all strive for.

But then what?

I’ve never really had to make any truly life-altering decisions, and it scares me to my core to think that decisions I make after college can potentially affect the rest of my life. Or to think that my boyfriend could be my future husband. Or to think that in the next year or two I might be living on my own. Or to think that in the next five years, I could be having a baby.

So in preparation for these scary future life events… I rebelled and dyed my hair purple.

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