As Promised…It’s Early Action Decision Letter Time

As Promised…It’s Early Action Decision Letter Time

Hi Everyone!!!
What a busy time it’s been at RWU Admissions! If you’ve applied for early action, you know just what I’m talking about…you should  be expecting your decision letters right around now :) I am happy to say that the admission team spent most of the week preparing your letters by stuffing envelopes -assembly line style- to make sure your packages reach you by the middle of this upcoming week!  Keep an eye on your mailbox, and get excited! Remember, any merit awards will be included in your packet and financial aid information will be sent soon!

Getting down to business, if you haven’t yet sent in your Financial Aid (FA) information…DON’T FORGET…the deadline for the FAFSA form is February 1st. You can find all of the deadlines for the forms that we require, as well as much more FA information here.

For students that have applied Regular Decision, not to worry, I promise we haven’t forgotten about you! We are hard at work reviewing your applications so that come March 15th your packets will be ready to go out in the mail as well! If you haven’t yet applied, there is still time. Our regular decision application is due by February 1st and you can find all of our requirements right here.

Still have a few questions about the application you’ve already submitted or would like to submit? Call us anytime, 401-254-3500..we are always here to help!

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