On The Road Again!

It is just about that time again for the Admission team to start our travel season again! Our counselors have been hard at work planning out different visits throughout the country in hopes of meeting as many people as possible. If a representative from Roger Williams is at your school this season, we hope that you will stop by and visit us! The entire team is eager to meet our admitted and prospective students, so do not be afraid to say hello.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon,


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What’s Happening in Admissions?

Hello everyone,

For those of you that applied Early Action 1, the wait is almost over! This week, we will begin rolling out decisions for applicants that completed their admission requirements by November 1, 2014. So exciting! The admissions staff has really enjoyed reading the applications thus far and look forward to welcoming the next class of RWU Hawks!

As for my friends that applied Early Action 2, we started reading your applications and look forward to learning more about your interests in RWU.

Below, please find a few friendly reminders:

  • The Regular Decision deadline is February 1, 2015
  • The CSS Profile is due on January 1st, 2015
  • FAFSA is due on February 1st, 2015

If you are interested in the Honors Program, the deadline for your application is February 1st, 2015. I highly encourage all of our applicants to apply for the Honors Program as it truly is a great experience! For information on the program and how to apply, please follow this link: http://www.rwu.edu/academics/honors-program


Happy holidays everyone,


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Decisions Decisions

After several weeks of travel visiting high schools and attending college fairs the Admission staff is now busy reviewing our Early Action 1 student applications, reading essays, pouring over credentials and reading letters of recommendations. Members of our faculty have joined us to review portfolios for Architecture, Visual Arts, Graphic Design and Creative Writing, while a number of our Dance students have come to campus to audition. There are two additional admission deadlines for Fall 2015: Early Action 11 (December 1) and Regular Decision (February 1). Please visit our website for details: admission.rwu.edu/apply

Winter Preview

You are welcome to visit RWU anytime, register for a tour, met with our students and staff but better yet we are offering an OPEN HOUSE on December 7th. Meet with faculty, staff and current students, take a tour of our water-front campus, speak with coaches and student athletes, learn about our overseas programs, internships and learn more about our 80+ clubs and organizations.

So..at this time… The Admission staff wishes to extend to you and your family a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe and enjoy.

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A Look Back on the 2014 Travel Season

This has been my first travel season as an Admission Counselor for Roger Williams. I loved my time as a student. Having the opportunity to speak first hand about my experiences and explain to high schoolers why they should come to RWU for their higher education was an opportunity I was really looking forward to when I was hired back in August. After seven weeks of travel and meeting hundreds of prospective students, parents, and counselors I can say the experience definitely exceeded my expectations. I met so many wonderful prospective students at individual visits across visits in Rhodes Island and Connecticut. I met fantastic families at college fairs across the aforementioned states and Long Island. I also met some phenomenal, dedicated counselors in both the high school and college level. I had so many great conversations with so many special people that is hard to remember them all. All I can think of is I expected to have the same conversation over and over again during my travels talking to people about RWU. But that didn’t happen, sure I said similar things, used the same jokes, but each experience was different based on the audience I shared it with. I wasn’t expecting that, and meeting so many great people talking about a place I love in RWU was a truly spectacular experience.

Some of my favorite moments were running into students at visits or fairs who were dressed in RWU apparell, it provided a rush of an internal “WOOOOOOOO YOURE CLEARLY INTERESTED IN ROGER!!!!!!!”.  Huge visits with thirty to fifty people were awesome. I got to basically perform and attempt to be funny (which if you know me then you i succeeded) and getting the group to respond to me.  But, I loved having small, intimate visits with a couple of students more. Being able to answer their specific questions and getting to know them and what they want in a school was wonderful.

My first travel season was everything I could have hoped for and more, now lets hope reading the applications of the prospective students I met on the road measures up.

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RWU Takes on NACAC Long Island

On October 5, 2014, Roger Williams University participated in the NACAC Long Island College Fair. For those unfamiliar with the event, this fair was held at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum (home of the NY Islanders) and hosted hundreds of colleges plus thousands of prospective students and families. The fair was a wonderful event and provided many of our Long Island students with the opportunity to learn more about Roger Williams. As the rep for this territory (Hi! This is Steve Alibrandi by the way), it was fantastic to meet so many new families as well as say hello again to individuals I have met thus far in my travels. The fair lasted from 11:00am until 3:00pm and we were busy the entire time! I thought it might be helpful for those unable to attend to hear my answers to commonly asked questions:

1. What is the weather like?

  • The weather in RI is typical for New England. Yes, you will need a winter jacket. No, you will not need to brace yourself for an arctic tundra. The nice thing about RI weather is that you get to experience all four seasons.

2.  What are your application deadlines?

  • Early Action 1: November 1st
  • Early Action 2: December 1st
  • Regular Decision: February 1st

3. Do you have any performing arts?

  • We certainly do! We offer a variety of majors, including: Theater, Music, Dance, and Performing Arts. Fun fact – students within these majors typically study abroad in London, England during their junior year of college. While there as a cohort, the students will see five to six shows per week!

4. Is the food any good?

5.  How far from Long Island is RWU?

  • For my Long Island residents, it will take you approximately 3.5 hours to get to the beautiful RWU campus. You can also drive your car right onto a ferry and cut down on the commute that way as well!


That’s all from me for now, folks! Don’t forget that our Early Action I deadline (Nov. 1st) is less than a month away!


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Spring is here?

Well, while the calendar shows that spring has sprung, we really aren’t seeing it…are we? But as the flowers bloom and weather gets warmer we will be in for a real treat. High school seniors will be attending prom, throwing their hats up at graduation and deciding what to do once high school has come to end. Planning for the future is certainly no easy task. In fact, even current college students are in the same boat in trying to determine what should be their next steps. Maybe the college they are attending is too close to home or classes are too big…it’s hard finding the perfect fit. Well, we have good news. RWU has extended our transfer application deadline to April 15th. All you need is your official high school and college transcripts along with an application to apply. You can come to campus any time for a tour, info. session or meeting with our Transfer Admission Counselor. So while spring is has begun, remember you can have a new start to the fall season which is just around the corner.

RWU Transfer Application:


Contact: Dana Clark, dclark@rwu.edu, 401.254.3532

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