Welcome Spring Class of 2012!

It has been a great couple of days going through Orientation with the new students from the Spring Class of 2012 and getting the opportunity to welcome them to the Roger Williams University community. It has meant some long days but it has been extremely rewarding to meet and greet the students we have been working with for the past weeks and months.
New student Orientation is a reminder of why we do all the work we do, a chance to see the fantastic new students that are now joining our campus. I have some great memories from this Orientation session, from meals shared with some of our new students to talking over new students’ first class schedules with them.  Orientation is also a reminder of how many wonderful people work on this campus, as it requires faculty and staff from many offices and departments across our campus to be in one place at one time. It is a fitting reminder that RWU is truly a campus community.
So to all of our new students congratulations and best of luck for a happy and successful semester. I am sure you will love your time here! And to all of our returning students welcome back to campus!

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