Not Goodbye, But…

Posted by admin on May 14, 2014
Spring 2014

Hey guys!

Can you believe it? I’m done with undergrad! All that is left to do is graduate on Saturday. Like, 3 days Saturday.

I remember move-in day so vividly. My mom and I pulled into a parking spot near Willow 43 and we were bombarded by current students. Within minutes, all of my stuff was piled into my tiny dorm room. All of the other girls were unpacking and meeting each other. It was a beautiful August day. Little did I know, some of those girls would become my closest friends, my current roommates, and unforgettable memories would be made that year.

Sophomore year brought new friends, harder classes and more memories. By junior year, I thought I knew everything. I had my friends, I lived in an apartment and I was going to study abroad in Ireland. Now, I’m about to pack back up and move away from this beautiful, waterfront campus that I have called home the past four years.

I’ve been so reflective the past few weeks. Walking around campus isn’t just a normal thing. I look at every building, every student, every professor with such admiration and appreciation. I’ve loved this place so much. I’ve been so genuinely happy here.

Roger, seriously, I cannot thank you enough. You’ll always have a piece of my heart.

Also, I have good news everyone. I have a job! I’ll be at marlo marketing/communications in Boston starting June 2nd. A thousand thank yous to everyone that helped me get there!

Shout out to my journalism classmates and professors and my admissions family. I love you all!

It’s not goodbye. It will never be goodbye.

I’ll see you soon.

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