Spring Semester Beginnings

Posted by admin on February 04, 2014
Spring 2014

Spring semester is underway! I’m taking four classes which is awesome because I’ve always taken five. Now, I have more time to work, do homework, and job search. Realistically, I’ll be reading books on my new Kindle, but hey. To any readers out there looking for a book to read, I HIGHLY recommend the Divergent series. It is similar to the Hunger Games, if that is any indication into how beautiful the series is. Since I’m already speaking of books, this semester I’m taking a Web Development class where I will have to make my own website using my own domain and HTML and stuff. I don’t really know how any of that works so I’m wicked excited. We’re just in the beginning stages but my idea is to make a site about young adult novels. I’d have info about the books, authors, reviews, movie trailers, and a discussion forum. We’ll see. Do you like that idea?

Last semester I took a photography class and a sound editing/mixing class, and I loved them both, so this semester I’m taking what I consider the next step in both. I’m in Advanced Photojournalism and Advanced Sound Editing. I’m excited to practice my skills some more, learn new techniques and try to perfect my overall production quality. Last but not least, I’m taking my journalism capstone course. All of us journalism seniors are in it together, which is awesome because we’ve known each other from the beginning, but it’s also sad because we all know we’re about to be kicked out in the real world. In capstone, we’ll be building an online portfolio. I already have my own (www.nichollebuckleymedia.com) but I plan on adding more content throughout the semester.

Of course, I’m still working in Admissions. It’s almost my three year anniversary! Willie and I were both the first freshmen tour guides to start and we’re still there today. Over the winter, we reminisced and could not believe how fast time has flown by. I’ll miss all of my coworkers and the counselors. They’ve helped me succeed throughout my college career and made me feel at home in the office. I’m especially thankful for all the lessons in professionalism from Jessica Winthrop-Oney, my boss, because we all know I can be a little silly. Thanks to her, I’m still a rockstar but on a more professional level. Side note: I gave a tour on Saturday, and throughout my tour guide career my spiel has slightly changed, but not too much. On Saturday, though, I realized I was more reflective. Like, “I’ve had the best time here, I’m extremely sad to graduate, I wish you all luck in finding the same amazing new home that I was lucky enough to find for myself,” etc, etc. I hope they come to Roger because it’s the best!

In terms of my future, *sigh,* I’ve applied to a few jobs here and there. Nothing yet, but time will tell. It’s no longer on the back of my mind. I’d say it’s more to the side. The other side is consumed with thoughts about senior events and commencement ball and all that fun stuff.

Anyway, try to stay warm and good luck shoveling tomorrow! Major snowstorm headed our way.