Finals Are Here!

Posted by admin on December 13, 2013
Fall 2013

It’s crunch time! Tuesday was the last day of classes. Yesterday was “Reading Day,” which is a day entirely to ourselves to study, read and prepare for finals. Typically I sleep in late then enjoy a cup of tea while mentally making a list of all I need to accomplish. So far, my final photo project is complete and we presented our podcast for Dynamics of Sound. Tomorrow I’ll do Scully’s final and then I have a paper due and another due Monday. Sounds stressful but I’m actually not too worried. I’m pretty good at time management and staying ahead of the game.

Once again I am going to discuss how fast time is flying by. I know, I know. Typical, but seriously! My last fall semester is over. I only have one more semester of my college career. Five more classes. So exciting and simultaneously terrifying. I’ve made accounts on Monster, Media Bistro, Indeed, Career Builder, Journalism Jobs, etc. All those job search sites that advertise openings. I spend some time surfing those sites a few times a week before I get too overwhelmed and go do something else. Is that bad? I’ll probably have to break that habit one day.

Anyway, things at Roger have been going well. It snowed Tuesday and some of it stuck so it looks pretty. I do not enjoy the freezing cold wind that Roger brings! I’ll be around during Winter Intercession taking my Senior Seminar class so I’ll let you know then how cold it really gets. Yay for winter in New England! I’ll also be working nights in the Admissions Office.

Remember that oyster video my classmates and I made for the conference in Washington? Last weekend was the 40th anniversary celebration of the Marine Bio program on campus. We were invited to attend and showed our video. It was super exciting because the president was there, his wife, former and current faculty members, alumni, donors, and so on; a room full of VIPs and fresh RWU oysters were served! I tried them for the first time – liked but did not love them.

Anyway, I have to get back to the books!

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