Week 8

Posted by admin on July 30, 2013
Summer 2013

I’m famous!!!

Not really, but let’s pretend.

Last week, I spent two days standing outside Anthony Weiner’s apartment building hoping he’d come out and speak to the press: the Daily News, the Post, CNN, Inside Edition, 1010 Wins, People magazine, all the local news stations. We were congregating, until he actually did come out, then we were bombarding him like children after the piñata breaks. He spent 3 minutes answering some questions and then got in a cab. He didn’t say anything revealing or shocking, but it was better than nothing. I transcribed my notes and sent them in.

Now Weiner can join my list of famous people I’ve met along with Alec Baldwin, Nancy Kerrigan, and Andy Grammar (I met Nancy when she asked for help finding wart remover in a Walgreens). Anyway, my photographer got an awesome shot of the crowd. Check it out!

There I am in pink. Right up close and personal (not too personal!!!!).


When I was standing next to him, I noticed the cameras were right across from me. The big lights shining. They were rolling. And I was staring into a small, black box that actually contained millions of little people. There I am, on TV, standing right next to Anthony Weiner. Staring at him as he speaks. Because of the angle, you can’t see my iPhone recording. I could’ve very well been his wife standing there for support! Or the 23-year-old woman he had an online relationship with. In all actuality, people watching probably didn’t think twice about me or who I was, but I saw me, and my friends and family and colleagues saw me. I got calls and texts, tweets and Facebook posts. In my little world, I was famous!!!!!


Pretty cool, right? Well, I think it is! He could be the next mayor of NYC! (Maybe)

Would you vote for Anthony Weiner?

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