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Posted By lindsey on November 9th, 2011

On Friday the 21st (yes I know I am a week behind) I got to see my FAMILY! Well, my Mom and Grandparents at least. They picked me up and we went down to Newport for the day to tour the mansions and explore downtown. Let me just say, I knew they were big, but I was still surprised as to how big. Also, who would have such a big place that they only lived in for the summer to entertain? It must be nice to have that kind of money…

Which one is your favorite? I liked The Breakers the best, but the Rosecliff had the prettiest yard.



The Breakers

The Breakers

The Elms

The Elms

Marble House

Marble House

After we explored the Newport Mansions we went out to dinner at Flo’s Clam Shack. The food there was really good, which is saying something considering I don’t enjoy seafood much. Then again, I loaded my fish with tartar sauce that way I couldn’t really taste the haddock. My whole entire family loves seafood, so sometimes I wonder if I’m adopted and they just haven’t told me yet. Just kidding. My favorite part about the restaurant was the buzzer we got to inform us when our food was ready. It was a lobster!!! Sometimes the smallest things fascinate me the most. Who cares if I am an adult, that doesn’t mean I always have to act like one, right??


Flo’s Clam Shack Buzzer


Everyday I’m Hollerin’

I learned a very valuable lesson during Midnight Madness. Our sports teams are absolutely full of spirit! And two girls, no matter how hard they try, are not capable of holding back the rest of the girls at RWU from wanting to run across the gym and visit the Wrestling Team. I did in fact have some forewarning, but it’s one of those things that just can’t be understood until you experience it for yourself. Needless to say, it was hectic.

Overall, though, Midnight Madness was a lot of fun. Everyone was full of school spirit, and like at every major event there were free t-shirts. I think I have mentioned it before, but our student body goes crazy for free t-shirts. Want to hear what I think the best part of the night was??

MY GRANDFATHER CAUGHT A T-SHIRT!! I was so proud. Go Grandpa!

The next morning my mother, grandparents and I explored Bristol before going to the Homecoming Luncheon and Autumn Festival. It was during our exploration that I finally experienced Sip-N-Dip coffee. I finally understand what everyone on campus is raving about. Sip-N-Dip coffee is delicious!

Goal: Try every flavor of Sip-N-Dip coffee.

Afterward, I wasn’t very hungry, but many people told me that the Homecoming Luncheon is one of the best that we have. I’m not so sure I agree with them, but I did have some amazing pumpkin ravioli! It was extremely rich and tasted like dessert, and was so good that I kept eating more. Yummmmmm!

At the Autumn Festival I made sand art for my brother inside of a plastic dinosaur bottle. Once again, just because I’m adult doesn’t mean I always have to act like one. :)

We went shopping in the university bookstore because my grandparents wanted some RWU apparel to show off. It also ended up being a good time to give my family Christmas ideas. After all, I am a “poor college student”…

~~~~~Fast forward to Sunday brunch~~~~~

My mom had to go back home on Saturday night, so it was just my grandparents and me at Sunday brunch. All of the Bon Appétit staff looked very formal, but I had to convince my grandparents that no, they don’t always wear button down shirts, vests and bow ties. In fact, that was the first time I had ever seen them dressed up like that. Though, I suppose since it was considered the President’s Luncheon, that’s a pretty good reason to look snazzy.

Just as we were about to set down our plates, the strangest thing happened. Do you remember my burnt popcorn story? Well, this time the fire alarm was because of an omelet pan. An omelet pan set off the fire alarm causing everyone in The Commons at the time to evacuate and wait for Bristol Fire Department to come shut off the alarm. Sometimes I wonder if they receive a bonus in their paycheck for every time they have to come to RWU because of something like a burned omelet pan or burned popcorn?? I promised my grandparents that I would blog about this incident so here I am…blogging about it. :)

Burned popcorn, a burned omelet, and Hurricane Irene. What’s next?

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ICC Spirit Week 2011

Posted By lindsey on November 1st, 2011

Well, I had it all planned out to write a blog about last week’s festivities and then another one about Homecoming and Family Weekend and finally a third one about Wicked Weekend, but somehow I got so distracted that it is now Friday the 28th, 11 days after my last blog. But hey, better late than never right? However, the problem now is that I have to try and remember nearly two weeks back instead of just a few days. Thankfully, almost every event that happens at Roger Williams ends up on Facebook, so maybe I’ll just have to do a little bit of Facebook stalking.

ICC’s Spirit Week

On Tuesday night, the 18th, there was Spirit Bingo in the Upper Commons. Long story short, I didn’t win. Neither did anyone else in my unit, no matter how many times we were as little as one number away. Spirit Bingo was entertaining to say the least, which made up for all of our bad luck. One day, I will finally win a game of bingo. One day.

My 9 o’clock class was cancelled on Wednesday and I managed to sleep through my 8 o’clock. Those are my only two classes on Wednesday, so needless to say I had none! I have an advisement meeting on Halloween for next semester, so maybe I shouldn’t schedule myself for any classes at 8 o’clock in the morning. It seems to be really difficult to get out of a nice warm bed into a chilly room with really cold tile floors. Now that I think about it, I slept through my 11am last week as well because I thought it would be a good idea to take a nap between getting out at 9:20 and leaving at 10:55. The problem I face is that I always turn off my alarm clock and constantly think “just a few more minutes”. Just a few more minutes always turns into me dozing off for at least 30, sometimes even more. I really need to get my act together.

Confessions of a Teenage College Student- College isn’t all fun and games. And “I slept through class” is not a legitimate excuse to tell professors. At least try to come up with something creative…like your goldfish died and you had to go to the funeral.

Wednesday evening I went to the RWU Men’s Soccer vs. Salve Regina game with the Hollerin’ Hawks and ICC via a school bus. Yes, even college students still ride in school buses. It was cold and rainy, however now I finally understand the RWU/Salve Regina rivalry…at least in Men’s Soccer. After going into two overtimes, the teams walked away with a tie game. Our players had more fans than Salve though, and we were definitely louder, so I think that makes us the winners, right?

I promise there is another blog coming shortly, so keep checking in! As always, thanks for reading!

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Burning Hawks, Mud, Lasers…

Posted By lindsey on September 27th, 2011

On Friday night, September 16th CEN hosted an event called the Burning Hawk. (And in case you’re wondering, NO we didn’t burn our school mascot!) All of the fall sports teams were introduced and free t-shirts were thrown out into the crowd. I never realized how vicious people could get when it comes to trying to catch t-shirts that are flying through the air at a rather rapid speed. Basically, it got intense. At one point, I stopped paying attention and got smacked in the face with a t-shirt, but then I caught one so I suppose that’s a small price to pay?

I expected a small bonfire that was going to be six, maybe seven feet high. But clearly that is not the Roger Williams way. Just look at the photo below!! This picture was taken when it was only about half as tall as it ended up. And those little blobs you see around the fire…yeah those are people.


The "Small" Bonfire

There always seems to be something going on here on the weekends. The following day my RA was playing Oozeball. It was during the day, and I wasn’t doing anything too exciting so my friend and I went to go cheer her on and take a bunch of pictures. Now I promise you I kept a “safe” distance from the mud volleyball court, but yet I still ended up with mud on me. It was flying everywhere!! This is what the courts looked like… Mushy, gushy, and oozing with mud…

Oozeball field

Oozeball field

The weekend wasn’t over yet! That night Badfish came to play outside of the Campus Recreation Center. I had never heard of them before. In fact all I knew from signs around campus was that they were a cover band for Sublime. There were a ton of people on the patio at the Rec Center, and the weather couldn’t have been any better, making the concert awesome!

Then I had a week of classes, but there’s really not much exciting to say about that. Though, I did find out that I had an exam or quiz in EVERY single class within the next two weeks. I suppose maybe I should be studying???

After my quick trip home on Saturday, September 24th to see my little brother play in his first homecoming football game, I ventured back to Roger Williams University using three different means of public transportation so that I could be back in time for some LASER BATTLE. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I am from a really small town in New Hampshire and public transportation just doesn’t exist! I must admit I prefer not to use buses and trains if I don’t have to because it is SO out of my element. However, I refused to miss laser battle.

For those of you who are reading this and have no idea what laser battle is (it’s okay, I didn’t either when I first heard about it…) here is a little explanation for you. It’s basically a giant game of laser tag set up as if it should be a paintball match instead. Every participant had a camouflage cap to wear, a laser gun and a headband with red lights that lit up when you were shot. CEN’s WTF (Where’s the Fun?) committee put this together for the entire student body to attend in the field house for free! So… laser battle was totally worth taking a bus, then a train and then another bus to get back to campus.

Okay, time to study… or something like that. Adios!

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