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3, 2, 1 Blast Off!

Posted By lindsey on May 3rd, 2013

This time of the year makes me happy that I am not a senior, specifically because I am not ready, nor will I probably ever be ready, to leave Bristol. Granted, I cannot afford to be a lifetime college student nor do I enjoy late night study sessions, but this time of the year tends to leave me nostalgic, looking back and wondering why this all is going by so fast. With that said, how is it May already?! Did we skip over April by accident? Aside from spring weekend, I am pretty sure the month of April is a complete blur. Clearly it must have never happened.

Spring Weekend (aka Rogerfest) undoubtedly kept me on my toes. But then again, maybe it was my 30-page paper in one class, and two papers in another class due that same week that kept me running?

Obviously I can very rarely go a blog without talking about what CEN has been up to, so why change that now?

Rogerfest began with a showing of “Across the Universe,” followed by a trip to Fenway Park where the Sox unfortunately not only played in miserable weather, but also lost 13-0. The game itself was fun, although it did make me question whether or not moving to Florida was in my near future. I’ll get back to you on that one. Next was one of my favorite events of the year, Hidden Truth, followed by our sold-out B.o.B and Super Mash Bros concert!!

Hanging with B.o.B--no big deal!

Hanging with B.o.B–no big deal!

And that point, the weekend had basically just started so on Friday we had quad fest, Nick Kroll and then ended the week on Saturday with the block party and fireworks! Fun fact, you can see the fireworks from the giant rock in front of Stonewall (which made duty so much better)! The fireworks basically wrapped up CEN for the year, meaning it’s time to say goodbye to old and hello to the new. See a pattern forming here?



I wish I had more to talk about, but my academic life has been engulfed in writing paper after paper, group presentations and studying for exams. Even though I like what I am studying, there is nothing fun about finals time.

Anyway, I can sum up this entire blog in two points:

First, to the incoming students, I promise you that within a blink of an eye you will be over the hump, halfway to graduation. Don’t let a single second slip away.

Second, to the graduating class of 2013, from the wise words of Dr. Seuss from my favorite childhood book, “kid, you’ll move mountains!” Or in our case, maybe you can just move an entire bay? Good luck and we’ll all miss you!

Just like that, another academic year came and went. Orientation 2013… here I come! See ya on the flip side, Roger!

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It’s Not “Goodbye”… Just “See You Later”

Posted By lindsey on July 12th, 2012

First, please accept my apologies for not writing as soon as orientation was over. The last week of orientation was without a doubt a memorable one, and since I have been home I have found myself missing 45 of my new best friends or trying to catch up on my lack of sleep. I haven’t been 100% sure about what I want to write about, but the more I wait the more I forget the little details of that week, so here it goes!

On June 24th, six OAs and two professional staff members ventured with Swoop to Fenway Park! It was Rhode Island appreciation day and Swoop, along with the Salve Regina mascot were invited to go to the Red Sox game and also go onto the field with Wally the Green Monster. Even though I have lived in New England my entire life, I had never been to a Red Sox get let alone gone on the actual field! Without a doubt, that was the best first Red Sox game at Fenway that I could have possibly experienced. Go Sox!

Me & Swoop at Fenway Park

Me & Swoop at Fenway Park

RWU at Fenway

RWU at Fenway

Thursday of that week was our last themed dinner. The last dinner we all have together is formal, and this year we were lucky enough to have it at Leo’s. The evening was full of harmless mischief (if you ever meet Sean Thompson, ask what we did to him when he gave a speech… here’s a hint “#swag”), laughter, tears and an OA version of “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion.

523438_10150952959061785_813397572_nLater that week, after all of our orientations were over, we took the trolley (yes…. I do mean the trolley) and a shuttle up to the Wrentham outlets and then continued on to our vice presidents house for a pool party. I am happy to say that 45 of us got in and out of there without breaking anything (or stealing the adorable dog…)! To top off an eventful day, everyone piled back in the trolley and shuttle and started the drive back to RWU, with a much needed pit stop at Eskimo King. :)

We spent our last weekend on campus working on our Fourth of July float. In 2011 it won Best in Parade and considering Bristol has the oldest Fourth of July celebrations in the country, there was no pressure to win it again. Ha. Though sometimes working on the float seemed tedious, and there was always a desire to do everything perfectly, the end result was phenomenal.


The float outside of Cedar Hall

What do I mean by phenomenal? I mean that we were all outside the float and ready to go by 5:45 in the morning that way we could get to Colt State Park in time to be considered for judging. Even though that didn’t start for another couple of hours, we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of the judges and most importantly the results. And then the time came…

The judges finished analyzing every float and came to decisions on awards. At this point we were all standing around our float watching to see what everyone else was winning since the judges just “skipped” over us making it seem like we didn’t win anything. Rumor has it they just happened to “skip” over the float last year as well. We didn’t want to get our hopes up, but after hours of working on the float all we wanted to do was bring back Best in Parade to the university for a second year. And guess what….? WE DID IT!!!! I am pretty convinced that our excitement was so loud that we woke up anyone in the area who wasn’t awake yet, and made every one around us think we were crazy… but that’s okay, right?! :)



522152_10151257380694689_194582530_nAfter that we walked in the parade with 125,000 people lining the streets, which is one of the coolest things that I have ever done. 3.1 miles later and it was over, which meant that orientation was also over and once we took apart the float we were “free to move about the cabin…” All that there was left to do was pack…

However, we needed to get one last adventure in before going our separate ways. I don’t actually know exactly where the nine of us went, so I suppose it’s a good thing that I trusted who we were following. All I do know is that it involved wandering through the woods at night and cliffs. Yes, I know none of what I just said sounded like a good idea, but it turned into one of the best nights of my summer. These cliffs had at least a 180 degree view of the bay, but probably even more than that. It was pretty warm out on the fourth, so as we sat on the cliffs we saw so many beautiful sights. On one side of the bay was heat lightning that was so intense you could see more than just flashes, but streaks of lightning that reflected onto the bay. Across from the heat lightning on the other side of the bay was an orange rising moon that was moving at such a fast pace that it almost seemed like you could actually see it in motion. Between Tiverton, RI and the power plant in Fall River, MA (so all around the bay) were multiple fireworks shows. At one point we could pinpoint at least seven different shows going on at once in different towns, along with random fireworks here and there. Heat lightning, fireworks and an orange moon all reflecting on the bay at once… there is no other way I could have imagined ending the Fourth of July and my five weeks in Rhode Island. It’s times like these that I wish I had a camera that took pictures of exactly what I saw, that way I could show just how unbelievable it really was.

Overall, yes I was at school because it was my job. And yes my job was to make incoming freshmen and their families feel welcome and comfortable coming to our university. That itself was rewarding, but I didn’t originally expect my summer to be so much more than that. Everyday was a new adventure, and there were always surprises hidden around every corner. I finally understood what every past Orientation Advisor had told me about what it was like being an OA. It meant that I was going to have the best summer of my life, and that I was going to leave the experience with 45 best friends and more connections to the university than ever before. And you know what, being an OA was just that… the time of my life.

Have an amazing summer and I’ll be back soon!

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The Days I Will Never Forget

Posted By lindsey on May 18th, 2012

As my freshman year came to a close I found myself looking forward to the excitement of this summer and the adventures that next year has in store. Though at the same time leaving a place that I learned to call home was bittersweet. However, before I get to that let’s talk about CEN’s Spring Weekend… because it was awesome.

I like how it is called Spring Weekend, because whenever I heard “weekend” I used to think there would just be events on the weekend… but no. They start on Tuesday and end on Saturday which makes it that much more interesting when you discover that you have a whole week to look forward to.

That Tuesday night CEN played Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol. I wanted to go and see it, but somehow I managed to fall asleep right before I was going to leave. I’m not sure if I would consider that talent or simply a sign that I should go to bed before 3:00am? Either way, I’m sure the movie was great and I’m bound to see it eventually…

Wednesday was probably my favorite event of the entire year (both the afternoon and the evening event). We had set up a table in the Commons with warm pretzels and lemonade, and in order to get a pretzel and lemonade everyone had to write us one secret. Later we posted the secrets onto poster boards and displayed them in GHH along with secrets from past years. While reading the secrets, everyone could enjoy delicious New York Cheesecake and coffee while listening to Dominic Camany. If you haven’t heard of him, then you should check him out. He was great.

Dominic Camany

Dominic Camany

Thursday, April 26th, was our spring concert!!! I had been running off of about 4.5 hours of sleep since I once again succeeded in putting off a paper until the night before it was due. And not just any night, a night where I wasn’t back into my dorm room until 11:30pm…some day I will learn. Anyway, though I was exhausted I trudged across campus through the rain (okay… through the mist maybe…) with all of my friends to see New Boyz, The White Panda and Gym Class Heroes. Somehow we managed to be some of the first students in the recreation center and were standing in the front row right up against the barriers. I didn’t think it would be that bad, until I was so squished I couldn’t move and I was constantly getting elbows to the head… I learned the hard way that standing in the spot that everyone else wants to be in as well is not going to work so well unless you’re willing to stand your ground. That being said, I somehow managed to get out of the mob of people and to a place where I could breathe. Then the concert became fun :) Unfortunately, I was that person who forgot to take any pictures, so I apologize that I don’t have any. Just please take my word for it… it was awesome.

Friday we went to Boston after the Quad Fest. My friend and I took the green line from Quincy Market to Newbury Street AND DIDN’T GET LOST. I don’t care how weird this sounds, but being a girl from a place with no cell phone service, navigating cities can be slightly overwhelming. The fact that we got on a T going the right way, and got off where we were supposed to is a pretty big accomplishment in my book. That’s one thing I can check off of my bucket list…

Quincy Market

Quincy Market

Finally after a long week was The Block Party, which I also forgot to take pictures of. I didn’t really know what to expect however I didn’t think it was going to be as big as it was. There were two big rides, a bunch of inflatables and the typical carnival games with prizes. It was basically our own carnival, cotton candy and fried dough included. I spent the day learning about my new CEN position for next year and eating way too much cotton candy. Finally, to top off Spring Weekend there were fireworks behind GHH.



Fast forward two weeks to the last week of my freshman year!

Tuesday, May 9th was the Student Involvement Recognition Banquet (SIRB). It was long, but still exciting to see everyone’s accomplishments this year. I even won an award- which I was completely surprised about and excited. Though, I wish I had brought a different pair of shoes because I was more concentrated on not tripping in front of everyone than anything else. For those that don’t know me, I’m not always the most graceful person in the world. To the Campus Entertainment Network- you all are the greatest and most hard working individuals and I’m SUPER excited to work with everyone next year :)

My Award :)

My Award :)

Wednesday was our second Late Night Breakfast. As always, it was delicious. Then again, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so I think it’s good whenever! This year there were iced lattes with bendy straws. After drinking three iced lattes at 10:00pm, I decided to cut myself off from the caffeine. I now have a nice collection of bendy straws, too!

My parents were coming on Friday, May 11th to pick me up. Honestly, I was looking forward to being able to go home and have no more school work to worry about for a while, however at the same time I met some amazing people that I was going to have to say goodbye to. Some were transferring, some graduating, some pursuing other opportunities and then there were those who I will see in again in August. Some of the hardest goodbyes were to those who I lived with this year, especially because when we all move back at the end of summer we won’t be living together again. People called our unit a cult, but that’s okay with me. I couldn’t have asked for better people to live with.

Maple 12!

Maple 12!

Also, the person in the picture with me wearing the Mickey Mouse ears is Amber. She started off as my RA, then became the person who got me involved in CEN, and now is the best “she bff”. She got me through my first year in college during the times when I was acting like a “lost puppy” who couldn’t quite find my way through the ways of college, and for that I thought she needed to be mentioned in my last blog (of my freshman year that is). To Amber- You’re the best and have a great time during your internship at DISNEY WORLD!! <3

SIRB with Ambe

SIRB with Amber

In the end, my freshman year at Roger Williams University will be one that I never forget. It was a year full of crazy events, great professors and other faculty/staff (who know my name! Positive of a small school..) and friends that I know will be around for quite a while.

Also, to everyone that traveled through the twists and turns of my freshman year. Thank you!! I hope you’ll tune in for this summer as well :)

See you in two weeks for Orientation 2012!! Until then, I’m going to turn my wheels off, not depend on my calendar being updated and accurate and just breathe!

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Community Service, Fireworks Gone Wrong, An Ambassador and A Comedian

Posted By lindsey on October 17th, 2011

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to go to the Rhode Island Food Bank for a couple of hours with about 15 other students and help them pack boxes of Nutrisystem and fill bags of apples. President Farish showed up for a little while to help us and take some pictures. How many people get to say that they did some community service with the President of their school? I thought I wasn’t going to know anyone, which would not have been fun because shockingly enough I can be quite shy sometimes, but Amber (my RA) and her friend Ruddy were there as well so I had some company. I’m not quite sure how many boxes we ended up packing, but I think it was around 60 boxes full and ready to be sent off to various food pantries throughout the state. It is nice to know that we were able to help out those in need. I’d show whoever is reading this a picture from the warehouse, but I don’t have one yet because someone is slacking off… :-) I’ll hopefully post one on a later blog.

Later on that day once we had returned to campus, I went to CEN’s Wednesday Weekly paired with MSU to get a henna tattoo. I was wicked (I’m from New England, so yes I do say wicked) excited to get one until I smudged it… twice in about 30 seconds.

So this is what my arm looked like that evening before it got darker. It was meant to be a heart with some swirls but instead the swirls now look like mush. Whoops.

So this is what my arm looked like that evening before it got darker. It was meant to be a heart with some swirls but instead the swirls now look like mush. Whoops.

Ambassador Andrew Young came to speak to the Roger Williams community that evening as a part of President Farish’s Inauguration week. (BTW- He’s officially our president now as of last Thursday…. so does that mean we didn’t technically have one before?) To be honest, it was long, but he was pretty interesting to listen to and gave us a lot of advice on how to go through our college careers.

On Friday we were supposed to have fireworks, but the weather was not ideal so they got moved to Saturday night. That didn’t go over well either, though. The rain was off and on, but I heard that the few that were lit were pretty behind Global Heritage Hall. If only I had been looking out my window then I would have been able to see them! Around the time of the fireworks I was on my way with Amber and some other girls from my unit to meet Joe Wong. We had him park in the parking lot by Bayside, only to discover a bunch of fire apparatus and an ambulance. I’m assuming that’s why the fireworks ended after only lighting a few off, but I wonder what happened? Someone told me they some misfired and hit a building, and another person told me that the barge the fireworks were in exploded. Both equally exciting stories…

Usually when someone makes me laugh it is because they did something out of the ordinary without even intending to. For some unknown reason, I have never found comedians or comedy movies funny. Maybe it’s because I always think the actors or comedians are trying too hard?? Though, on Saturday night Joe Wong changed my thoughts. His awkward personality made it so that I thought everything he said was absolutely hilarious. In addition to this, the laughs/squeaks from the people behind me were almost equally as funny as the comedian. One of my favorite jokes came when Joe Wong decided to tell us a little bit about himself. This is how he started…

“I used to be the youngest baby in the world…for a split second.”

I think it’s pretty amazing that Joe Wong and I have something in common… I used to be the youngest baby in the world for a split second, too!!!

Amber and Rhea (co-chairs of CEN’s WTF) with Joe Wong

Amber and Rhea (co-chairs of CEN’s WTF) with Joe Wong

Joe Wong

Joe Wong

To finish this blog, I have something random to tell everyone.  I have this strange new collection in my dresser…t-shirts. They are starting to take up a lot of room in my dorm, but luckily they serve multiple purposes…

  • Gym Shirt
  • Sleep Shirt
  • Shirt to wear to class when I have an 8am class (every day) and don’t care what I look like
  • Shirt to wear when I haven’t done laundry (Happens often…)
  • Shirt to wear when I want to represent RWU
  • Space filler

Come to RWU. We have free T-Shirts. And who doesn’t love free stuff?

Come to RWU. We have free T-Shirts. And who doesn’t love free stuff?

Today is the start of ICC’s spirit week ending with Homecoming and Family weekend. So I’m sure my next blog will probably be long and fun filled, so be on the lookout for that. :-) Thanks for reading!

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