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Sophomore Year in a Nutshell

Posted By lindsey on September 18th, 2012

This time last year I was either homesick, enjoying all of my freedom away from home or wondering what to do with all the free time I had. But this fall is completely different. Instead I am doing the complete opposite… trying to figure out how exactly I am going to survive my sophomore year. Since turning into superwoman apparently isn’t an option, I don’t think there is any other way to do it other than taking everything one step at a time.

One step at time works a lot better for me with a planner, or two, or 50. I learned this the hard way when I lost my planner, then my cell phone and my backup to-do list. How? I don’t know. This fiasco went on for a few days and meanwhile, I had to rely on memory of when I had meetings (which didn’t work so well) and basically hope that I didn’t have any assignments due. I couldn’t commit to anything in the future, since I was unaware of all of my upcoming obligations and I ended up being so dysfunctional that all I wanted to do was scream and hope my days would go back to some sense of order. And they did once I found my phone & planner.

After a stressful week where nothing seemed to be going right, one by one things started to look up. Then I found this quote online that says “Some days you’re the bug, and some days you’re the windshield.” Honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself. With that being said, this week I am determined to be the windshield. (And now my planner is also on my computer… so I’m good to go!!!)

Even though I can’t be superwoman, I apparently enjoy flying through my days by filling up every possible minute of “free time”. What does my Sophomore year look like? Here, let me break it down..

Classes- Oh yeah, that’s why we’re all here… 11 textbooks make my bag quite heavy.

CEN- Events on events on events, meetings galore, and remembering to breathe. Good thing I like what I have the opportunity to do, huh?

SOAR- Soon, on Mondays I will get to fly to the second tier of a leadership program! (Ha… get it?!)

Orientation- It’s not quite over yet (and I won $5 at an event the other night! But really… coffee money!)

Blogging- It’s my escape from the real world, even though I am writing about the real world. And sometimes I like to go back and read how crazy I sound.

Job Hunt- I WILL find one… eventually.

Did I mention I signed up for a few more clubs at the Involvement Fair??? Too bad some of the meeting times clash. :(

Well, that’s all for now. It’s 8:30 p.m. and I am more than ready to go to bed. Did I mention that I’ve been sick? I must be the windshield, I must be the windshield, I MUST be the windshield…

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Yes, I actually have classes, too…

Posted By lindsey on November 21st, 2011

Now that I think about it, all of my recent blogs have been about the exciting stuff I do on the weekends, or events I attend during the week. But I’m in college, and I do in fact have classes to attend so that’s why this blog is going to be about my academic experience here at Roger Williams. I know that this blog may not be as exciting to read as the others, but what I’m going to be talking about is the reason why I am even here so it’s important.

I only have four classes this semester which is one less than most. However, I arrived here at Roger Williams with a few AP credits from high school so luckily I’m not behind, but in fact slightly ahead. Monday, Wednesday and Friday I have two courses, Human Behavior in Perspective and Introduction to Cultural Anthropology. These two classes are over by 9:50 in the morning, so I’ve learned to go back to sleep at 10:00am and wake up whenever I want. Yes, this means I have 8am classes which apparently isn’t “ideal” for most people, but in my opinion I would rather be able to go back to sleep before a lot of students have even started their classes for the day.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are my “late” days. By late I mean I’m not done until 12:20 in the afternoon. Tough life isn’t it? I start off with Basic Statistics then have an hour and a half off until The American Legal System.

Without question Introduction to Cultural Anthropology is my favorite course this semester. I suppose that is a good thing considering it’s one of my majors! I could spend hours learning about every aspect of Anthropology and how cultures around the world differ from each other. It’s also a plus that I have an awesome professor that I learn so much from. Also, I’m pretty sure that it is a good sign when I find myself studying a subject and enjoying myself, even when I don’t have an exam or quiz coming up. Or maybe it just means I am nerdy?

Human Behavior in Perspective is a CORE class that I have no choice but to take so at first I wasn’t looking forward to it. However, my professor has yet to teach something that hasn’t sparked my interest, so I have no problem with waking up to attend it! We’ve learned about Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology and so much more. Basically any “ology” you can think of…. okay maybe not quite. This class combined everything I love into one. Needless to say, my MWF schedule couldn’t get much better!

To be completely honest, I don’t have much to say about my Basic Statistics class other than that I don’t quite understand what is to “basic” about it. This is something I will probably NEVER understand.

The law has always been a passion of mine, and I’m 95% sure I want to be a lawyer eventually. Because of this I have so much interest my American Legal System class. It fascinates me just how much there is to know about our legal system and I believe that having a greater understanding of the law will be a strong foundation for whatever I decide to do later on. Also, I love being able to apply every class to daily life!

So all of that being said, I feel like I have made the right choice of majors. Even though I am only a first semester freshman, I don’t see myself ever wanting to change either of them to something else. I am passionate about both which is something that I am quite happy to be able to say!

I’m going to try to write another blog tomorrow about more fun events in the past week, but if I don’t… HAPPY THANKSGIVING and I’ll write another one when I am back on campus next week.

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