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3, 2, 1 Blast Off!

Posted By lindsey on May 3rd, 2013

This time of the year makes me happy that I am not a senior, specifically because I am not ready, nor will I probably ever be ready, to leave Bristol. Granted, I cannot afford to be a lifetime college student nor do I enjoy late night study sessions, but this time of the year tends to leave me nostalgic, looking back and wondering why this all is going by so fast. With that said, how is it May already?! Did we skip over April by accident? Aside from spring weekend, I am pretty sure the month of April is a complete blur. Clearly it must have never happened.

Spring Weekend (aka Rogerfest) undoubtedly kept me on my toes. But then again, maybe it was my 30-page paper in one class, and two papers in another class due that same week that kept me running?

Obviously I can very rarely go a blog without talking about what CEN has been up to, so why change that now?

Rogerfest began with a showing of “Across the Universe,” followed by a trip to Fenway Park where the Sox unfortunately not only played in miserable weather, but also lost 13-0. The game itself was fun, although it did make me question whether or not moving to Florida was in my near future. I’ll get back to you on that one. Next was one of my favorite events of the year, Hidden Truth, followed by our sold-out B.o.B and Super Mash Bros concert!!

Hanging with B.o.B--no big deal!

Hanging with B.o.B–no big deal!

And that point, the weekend had basically just started so on Friday we had quad fest, Nick Kroll and then ended the week on Saturday with the block party and fireworks! Fun fact, you can see the fireworks from the giant rock in front of Stonewall (which made duty so much better)! The fireworks basically wrapped up CEN for the year, meaning it’s time to say goodbye to old and hello to the new. See a pattern forming here?



I wish I had more to talk about, but my academic life has been engulfed in writing paper after paper, group presentations and studying for exams. Even though I like what I am studying, there is nothing fun about finals time.

Anyway, I can sum up this entire blog in two points:

First, to the incoming students, I promise you that within a blink of an eye you will be over the hump, halfway to graduation. Don’t let a single second slip away.

Second, to the graduating class of 2013, from the wise words of Dr. Seuss from my favorite childhood book, “kid, you’ll move mountains!” Or in our case, maybe you can just move an entire bay? Good luck and we’ll all miss you!

Just like that, another academic year came and went. Orientation 2013… here I come! See ya on the flip side, Roger!

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Long Time No Blog

Posted By lindsey on March 5th, 2013

Why hello there! Long time no… blog? My apologies.

I think that college may have finally gotten the best of me, and I’m pretty sure someone is making up for all of the free time that I had last year. Never have I had four different to-do lists going at the same time, all of which combined take up half of my computer screen. And no, I am not joking… though I wish I were. So, with my “free time” I have come to four conclusions as to why I have so much work to do before spring break.

A)   It’s good to practice how much you can function with very little sleep.

B)   I have to make up for last year and not being all that busy.

C)   It’s midterms week and I actually have midterms.

D)   All of the above.

On the bright side, spring break is right around the corner meaning I’ll finally be able to go home and potentially sleep for a week straight. Productive use of time? Probably not. Worth it, anyway? Yes.

At first I thought this semester would put me over the edge because of involvement. But then I realized my involvement on campus is what keeps me sane when I need a break from studying. For example, I should be doing an assignment that’s due in twelve hours but my brain turned to mush after balancing chemical equations, so blogging is the perfect break! Anyway, I could talk about how I just spent my evening balancing chemical equations and determining how much energy a reaction will make, but instead I think it will be more fun to talk about everything I normally do. Here is the entire month of February in a nutshell.

Last weekend I gave a couple of tours of our residence halls for the Accepted Students Days. It probably doesn’t sound like it could have gone all that badly, and I don’t think it did. However, I’m not necessarily the greatest at public speaking so that was a challenge. And to top it all off, my wonderful CEN co-chair decided to scream my nickname to get my attention while surrounded by parents and prospective students. Never a dull moment with CEN, is there?

February has been a busy month gearing up for March Meltdown, and multi-tasking preparing for Spring Weekend. I’m looking forward to coming back from break and being emerged in exciting events for a week, all which spiral around a James Bond theme! Of course one of the most anticipated parts of March Meltdown is that on Friday the 22nd, the spring concert artist(s) will be announced to the campus at our release party which is bound to be so much bigger than last year. Do you remember how excited you got when you were a little kid and the ice cream truck drove around in your neighborhood? I’m that excited.

On a different note, I finally finished decorating my room a month and a half or so after moving in. Better late than never, right? I’m not sure what happens to all of my wall decorations every time I switch rooms, but it seems as if I’m always buying new posters to hang up. Maybe when I graduate I’ll find a pile of posters and photographs that I thought were lost forever.

Back to academics real quick, then I need to force myself to be productive. I am taking this course called ‘disasters’ as an elective for my major and I have determined that it is by far the coolest class I have taken thus far. We spend everyday discussing disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, the Buffalo Creek Flood and a heat wave in Chicago, and then analyzing how they were sociologically un/natural due to the people that were impacted. In fact, individuals that are impacted by disasters aren’t necessarily impacted at ‘random’. Until this course, I never really considered how many factors such as race, class, age, etc. can influence who experiences a disaster personally. Its sort of weird to think about, but really interesting at the same time. It’s all so fascinating!

Anyway, that’s all for now. I apologize for being so scatter brained. I’ll be back soon to tell you all about March Meltdown and spring break! Thanks for reading!

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Beginning 2013 with a BANG!

Posted By lindsey on February 1st, 2013

As the title may suggest, this semester hasn’t started off on the quiet side. Somehow, I have managed to be here for two weeks and my clothes are still in a pile in my closet, I haven’t put anything up in my new room and my to-do lists get longer instead of shorter. For the most part I would rather be busy instead of just sitting around and not doing anything worth while, but I really just want one day to do absolutely nothing besides finally settling in and getting ahead of the game before the semester really kicks into full swing.

I came back a week early for RA training and even though my vacation ended sooner than most, I was actually looking forward to being back on campus. Yeah, I am not in London like I had hoped to be, but RWU is my home away from home… so everything happens for a reason right? All it means is that I am living vicariously through photographs on Facebook.

Classes have started… so far so good. I’ve already determined that my favorite class is my “Sociology of Disasters” course. Reading about disasters is so intriguing! (Nerd status.)  Although it is not good reading to do right before bed (unless of course I want to continue dreaming about disasters) in all seriousness–I willingly read for this course, which really should be an accomplishment in itself. But on the flip side, maybe the more I read about disasters the more I can be prepared for when something crazy happens, like a zombie apocalypse. Now if I can just get through my science lab this semester without blowing anything up that will be impressive.

Finally, CEN is busy preparing to make this semester even better than the last. It has definitely been keeping me on my toes this past week but there’s no doubt in my mind that it will be well worth it. Just wait and see what we all have in store for everyone!

Like always, I write blogs when I am avoiding the inevitable (homework). So on that note, I’m actually going to try and get stuff done before the sun rises. I think I’m going to like not having any morning classes!

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