If Only Everyone Could Be So Lucky

Posted By lindsey on October 4th, 2013

Monday this week started off like any other day with me waking up to my third alarm, eating cereal and running out of my apartment with a coffee in hand ready for the busy day that was waiting ahead. Aside from spilling coffee on myself (which is a normal occurrence) the day ended up leaving me flustered.

I first receive an email from my supervisor checking in on me. Confused, I open the email to see that I missed a scheduled meeting in the morning and didn’t submit a weekly report. Embarrassed and frustrated with myself for forgetting a meeting and not submitting paperwork on time, I sprint to her office apologizing profusely for being so forgetful. Was the meeting in my planner? Yes. Did I think about looking at my planner on Sunday evening to see what meetings I had on Monday? No, because that would have made sense. Did I complete my weekly report? Yes, but of course I never actually pressed submit.

From there I rushed to my 11:00 a.m. class to take an exam that I had stayed up until 2:00 a.m. studying for. And…well… let’s just say that I guess you can’t win ’em all? The exam seemed never ending to the point where I was running out of time, but I guess I wasn’t alone. My professor offered to let everyone finish in her office. If my brain wasn’t turning into mush I would have taken her up on it. Instead I rapidly finished the exam and moved on with my Monday. Worried about my grade because I have a tendency to be a perfectionist, I spent a little bit of time wondering what would have happened if I had just studied for the extra 30 minutes.

At that point, I realized that I was worrying over an exam that was already over when I should have been focusing on finishing a paper that was due in three hours on how globalization is leading to larger gaps between the rich and the poor. Surprisingly, I couldn’t concentrate as I was busy thinking about all of the upcoming exams, papers and projects that I had due in the next couple of weeks. Why October is always the busiest month of the semester, I will never know. To take my mind off of things, my friend and I made the trek to J-Lot to get my car because Sip-n-Dip’s liquid dessert (I mean… coffee??) is the solution to every student’s problems.

Upon arriving back on campus from Sip-n-Dip, I realized that I still needed to pop into the dean’s office for his signature to add a minor. I thought it could just be a quick stamp, but then was told that he wanted to sign the form himself and was not available at the moment. With that said, catching the dean is next on my list of things to do… if only he was available at midnight when I am checking things off of my to-do lists.

The point of this narrative is a reflection of the title of this post. Yes, Monday stressed me out simply because it felt extremely hectic and like I couldn’t catch a break. I then quickly remembered what I have always been taught… someone out there is having a worse day than you are. I was indeed frustrated that I couldn’t catch the dean, but how many people are lucky enough to say that their dean wants to know who they are as a student before signing off on adding a minor? How many people have a supervisor who knows them well enough to email when something isn’t quite right, and in response makes the effort to check in on them to make sure they’re doing okay? How many students can say that their professors will stay late after class, giving them a better opportunity to succeed? I should find myself lucky and fortunate. These are the reasons that even when I am running around like crazy I chose Roger Williams. Or maybe, just maybe in some round about way…why Roger Williams chose me. Even on the most hectic days, it is a great day to be a hawk.

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