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Winter Class… in California!

Winter Class… in California!

March 11, 2014 8:25 pm

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Wow, what an incredible break! Going home was full of fun family time that almost every college student looks forward to, especially after some stressful schoolwork. However, every college student learns that being home gets boring after a little while — let me tell you about a course I just took during winter intersession!

Now, I know that to some people classes during the winter don’t have much appeal because people like to have a break, but winter classes open a lot of different doors for all different majors. For my major, Public Relations, I decided taking a class would be the best idea for me. However, this class was not just a class back at Roger Williams; it was an Entertainment PR class that would bring me across the country to Los Angeles, California. This to me was a dream come true. Not only would this class help me make business connections in the city where I want to end up, but I was able to learn so much as well.

The Entertainment PR class was full of class lectures in the morning to get us ready for the day, firm tours, and living life in LA culture. We were able to go see the Hollywood sign, an outdoor market and shopping area called The Grove, as well as eat at some of the most known places such as The Beverly Hills Hotel’s The Polo Lounge. We were also able to go see Malibu, the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. We also went to The People’s Choice Awards (and were able to sit third row being seat fillers!!) and tapings of Melissa & Joey as well as Chelsea Lately! Now I know that this seems like more fun than class but being there I learned so much about the industry and all the different jobs to make the whole Entertainment Industry work!

Lastly, don’t feel so bad if you are not a PR major because other majors get these opportunities — I just heard about some Psychology majors going to Jamaica for mental health research!

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