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This blog is a glimpse of life on campus through the eyes of the students who work in the Office of Admission. We're the ones who've mastered the art of walking backwards during campus tours, we can answer your questions if you call our office and we're the ones you'll often find online during our chat sessions and College Week Live events. Feel free to contact us at and we look forward to seeing you on campus for a tour!
Hey guys this is Gianna Scalisi!

Hey guys this is Gianna Scalisi!

In case you want to know about upcoming events and clubs on campus here is a quick glance through my eyes!

Friday October 24th we had pep rally for winter sports at Midnight Madness! I was very excited to go to see what it was like in comparison to our high school’s pep rally. It was tons of fun! I am a Hawkette (RWU Dance Team) and we performed during Midnight Madness. It was so awesome to see the school, teams, and parents all come together to support RWU pride! Not only that, but there was plenty of entertainment with extreme break dancers and other clubs performing to keep the energy up and going. It was an overall fun time and perfect way to kick off Family Weekend!

This upcoming Sunday, November 2nd, the RWU Ballroom dance team will be competing at UMASS Amherst. Didn’t know we had ballroom? Well I highly suggest it if you are up to try something new and just want to have fun. I am a little nervous because I have a new dance partner and it is my first collegiate competition but I am still very excited! I hope our team does great and we hope to show our RWU pride and take home some ribbons!

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Winter Class… in California!

Winter Class… in California!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.22.48 PM

Wow, what an incredible break! Going home was full of fun family time that almost every college student looks forward to, especially after some stressful schoolwork. However, every college student learns that being home gets boring after a little while — let me tell you about a course I just took during winter intersession!

Now, I know that to some people classes during the winter don’t have much appeal because people like to have a break, but winter classes open a lot of different doors for all different majors. For my major, Public Relations, I decided taking a class would be the best idea for me. However, this class was not just a class back at Roger Williams; it was an Entertainment PR class that would bring me across the country to Los Angeles, California. This to me was a dream come true. Not only would this class help me make business connections in the city where I want to end up, but I was able to learn so much as well.

The Entertainment PR class was full of class lectures in the morning to get us ready for the day, firm tours, and living life in LA culture. We were able to go see the Hollywood sign, an outdoor market and shopping area called The Grove, as well as eat at some of the most known places such as The Beverly Hills Hotel’s The Polo Lounge. We were also able to go see Malibu, the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach. We also went to The People’s Choice Awards (and were able to sit third row being seat fillers!!) and tapings of Melissa & Joey as well as Chelsea Lately! Now I know that this seems like more fun than class but being there I learned so much about the industry and all the different jobs to make the whole Entertainment Industry work!

Lastly, don’t feel so bad if you are not a PR major because other majors get these opportunities — I just heard about some Psychology majors going to Jamaica for mental health research!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.22.53 PM

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In case you’re curious…

In case you’re curious…


As I was looking back on my transition from high school to college, I thought of a few things that have definitely changed. Here are just a few of the things you have to look forward to!


6 Important Differences Between High School and College

1.     Your roommate won’t wake you up if you’re late for class. I don’t know about any of you, but my mom was my only alarm clock in high school. It wasn’t until college that I learned the inconvenience of setting an alarm at night. Or even worse, waking up to an alarm in the morning. Once you discover the snooze button, life is a little more dangerous. Your roommate most likely won’t have the same schedule as you so it is now up to you to get up and go to class all on your own. 8 a.m. classes are not uncommon as an underclassman (or upperclassman to be honest), so don’t expect anyone to be responsible for getting you up besides you. Goodbye “5 more minutes.”

2.     Professors won’t hunt you down for late assignments. Not once in my three years of college has a professor asked me why I didn’t hand in an assignment. Neither have they taken the responsibility to fill me in on what I missed in class. These are now your responsibilities, and even though most professors will respond positively if you go to them for help, it is no longer their job to nag the work out of you. Sensing a pattern here?

3.     Friends are everywhere! High school is notorious for cliques and small friend groups. That is not the case in college, which is AWESOME! There is no history in college before a first meeting and you’ll find that people you would have shied away from in high school are the people you get along with the most in college. Making friends is so much easier when there are so many options so close. Don’t think you have to be friends with everyone, but I recommend trying to be friendly to most. Join clubs or sports you are interested in, talk to the kid next to you in class or just look around at the people you’re living with. My best friends to this day are people I met in Maple Hall my freshman year. What I’m trying to say is, your high school friends will have nothing on your college friends.

4.     There is no appropriate bedtime. In high school I went to bed by 10 p.m. every night because I was so exhausted from 6 hours of school, practice and homework. My freshman year of college it was unusual to see me in bed before 1 or 2 a.m. The secret behind that crazy lifestyle. Naps. Naps are your best friend in college and take advantage of them. You won’t get this kind of free time again until your retired.

5.     No standardized tests. The New York State Regents were the reason for many of my teenage nightmares. Luckily for you, once you’re in college things like that are nonexistent (unless of course you go on to grad school). Professors now also get to teach you the material they want to, not the material you need to pass the test. They make the tests, so they can always tweak the questions based on each class. So no more stressing over those scary scantrons in a room of 500 people. Most likely you will be assigned more papers and projects, depending on your major, anyway.

6.     Opportunities are more frequent and more exciting. In college, everything you do can potentially become a grant, internship or job. There are ways to make money all over campus and beyond. In college it’s not unusual to find yourself with 3 jobs and wanting more. Opportunities are knocking at every door and now is the time to jump on them. You can now choose what to do with your time, which is probably the biggest difference between high school and college. It’s all about you.


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Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 4.11.35 PM

When someone asks me, “why come to Roger Williams University” the answer is very simple: community. Our community is very supportive and extremely passionate about making RWU feel like a family. A sad example that I wanted to share was the sudden and tragic death of an RWU sophomore student, Cameron Dow. He was a friend of mine and he knew a lot of people on campus leaving many people that were so close to him, including my roommate, and to be honest it really hasn’t seemed real. However, he passed in a car accident during Thanksgiving break and to show how strong the community really is, over three hundred students came on that Monday night back to school to show respect for someone who we have lost way too soon at the candlelight vigil that RWU put together. Currently we are also working on a memorial for this Saturday to be on campus. Its hard losing someone so soon, especially such an amazing person, but those affected by the death have been reached out to and we also have counseling for anyone who feels that they just need to talk. So when I say the community is one of the many reasons I chose RWU, it is because I think of it more as a family and in the two years that I have been here I have only seen it grow stronger.


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Consider a Study Abroad Option!

Consider a Study Abroad Option!

Top of the mornin’ to ya!

My name is Caitlin Holton and I’m that girl who is obsessed with her study abroad experience. I am a junior here at Roger Williams University studying Creative Writing with minors in (don’t hold your breath) Anthropology+Sociology, Arts Management and Art & Architectural History. I find myself pretty busy during the day with school work and on the weekends with either Admissions events (Open House, whoo!) or my off-campus job as a banquet server. When I have free time you can catch me reading a good book, writing what I hope will be a good book, watching sitcoms (Friends will never get old) or maybe listening to my eclectic taste in music. This will be my second year in Admissions — I joined my sophomore year as a tour guide. Every day since has been an adventure!

But back to my favorite topic, study abroad! I knew, as I’m sure many of you do, that I wanted to travel during my time in college. As a kid I traveled to all corners of the United States with my family for my brother’s wrestling tournaments, family gatherings or vacation. I’ve been extremely blessed in that respect but when I left for college it became my time to explore. Just adjusting to living on such a beautiful campus next to the water was interesting for me. Coming from upstate New York, the closest water came in the form of man-made lakes with sand dumped around the edges. Not exactly Mount Hope Bay.

When I walked on campus I knew that this was the place I belonged but I also knew that I wanted more, I wanted to see what else the world could offer me outside the United States. Kevin Hayden, Director of Study Abroad, became a valuable resource in my exploration of programs. As a freshman, I showed up at his office ready to hop onto a plane to Greece. Even though I was set on dipping my feet into the Mediterranean, we found that another option might fit my academic interests and language level a little better. So the second semester of my sophomore year I found myself sitting on transatlantic flight.

Any guesses to where I went? I’ll give you a little hint:

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 4.43.55 PM

Another? Okay how about this…


Still nothing? Fine, but this is your last one!


Ahh there we go, Ireland!

Like RWU, I fell for the University of Limerick within minutes of arriving on campus. For the first time I was truly doing something all on my own. I flew on a plane across the Atlantic without my parents, I made friends without previous contact, I even made my own meals for the first time in my life. If I thought I was independent before, I really was an adult now. All responsibilities were on me and I LOVED IT! And don’t feel bad for me that I never got to “fulfill my dream” of living in Greece because look…


I made it there, too!

As a tour guide I’ve had the extreme pleasure of meeting and talking to people from all over the world, that is one of my favorite parts of the job! An education at RWU is more than what you see on our beautiful 143-acre campus. An education at RWU is an opportunity to become the person you want to be through exploration in academics, community, travel and so much more.

I hope you all find your place in the world and if you haven’t yet, feel free to come to campus for a tour of my world.

Until next time,

Caitlin Holton

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Working on Your Application? We’re Here to Help!

Working on Your Application? We’re Here to Help!

Hi guys! My name is Lindsey Faig and I am a sophomore here at Roger Williams University. I am a Public Relations major with a minor in Marketing and a core concentration in Spanish. I am a member of PRSSA, social chair of Values of Sisterhood, member of Sustained Dialogues and the Multicultural Student Union as well as an Event Planning Intern for the Student Programs and Leadership, which is the department at RWU that overlooks all of the clubs and organizations.

Why is all of this something I would share? Easy, because these are all reasons why I choose RWU. Roger is a place that I feel so lucky to call home because, as involved as I am, there are so many others who are even more involved. I came here because this school is a school that genuinely works to make sure that the students get what they need in and out of the classroom. For example, my internship was created for me when they learned that I was so ready to get started with event planning, which is a really special thing for a school to do. I also work in the Office of Admission, which is why I’m blogging. There is not another place I would rather go to school and I really wanted to share my experiences and talk to those who had questions about a place that I call home and keep everyone up to date on what is happening here at Roger and in Admissions!

So, with that being said, right now the Admissions Office’s phones are ringing and the lobby is buzzing with people because application season has started nationwide. Our eight counselors are all here to help, along with every Student Admissions Assistant that is here answering phones and helping anything from a status check to facts about the school or sharing our experiences to you prospective students. With the first deadline of November 7th just passed we are continuing to work going through those applications as well as getting prepared for the next round of applications due November 15th! With the Admissions Office being open from 9-5 every day and 9-2 on Saturday, we want to make sure we can help you any way possible, so please feel free to call us if you need any help or have any questions about your personal application, the application process, or about Roger!

Talk to you soon,

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Beautiful sunset over Bristol Harbor

Beautiful sunset over Bristol Harbor

Beautiful sunset over Bristol Harbor

November 11, 2013
Decisions Are Coming!

Decisions Are Coming!

Well, our Early Action I deadline has passed and our Early Action II (November 15) and Regular Decision (February 1) deadlines are just around the corner! This blog is aimed at giving you an inside look at life at Roger Williams, but this week I decided to take a different spin on it. While you are eagerly awaiting your decision letters in the mail, here are a few things that stood out to me about RWU when I was an applicant.

Student Involvement

Here at RWU, there are so many different ways to get involved on campus. We offer 70+ different clubs and organizations. There are a wide variety of opportunities here, so there is bound to be something that will fit your interests. If there’s something that interests you that you don’t see on campus, create it! You just need to get 14 other students together and find a faculty advisor and you can start your own club.

In addition to clubs, our athletics here are top notch. Roger Williams has 22 NCAA Division III varsity sports. If you feel that being on a varsity team might be too much of a commitment, we also have a variety of club and intramural sports from polo to crew, ice hockey to volleyball. Club sports give you the opportunity to compete against other schools with an easier time commitment. Intramural sports offer students the opportunity to face off against each other right here on campus! They are a great way to meet new people and have a good time.

Leadership Development

Roger Williams has an excellent program focused on developing students’ leadership skills known as SOAR. This program is comprised of three tiers: Emerge, Develop, and Lead. Emerge focuses on the individual and discovering who you are. The Develop tier emphasizes the importance of groups and teamwork. Lead focuses on the third aspect of the leadership development model, citizenship. Lead is compromised of doing various service projects. The SOAR program has been one of the best experiences I have had at here at Roger Williams and I encourage you to join!

Dining Experience

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently at the Admissions Office is “What’s the food like here?” The food at Roger Williams is like no other. There’s such a variety of options offered that you never feel like you’re eating the same thing over and over again. RWU prides itself on offering food that is both sustainable and locally grown. In addition to this, our dining staff is extremely accommodating to students with any dietary restrictions. The dining here truly is an experience like no other.

While these are some of the things that stood out to me as an applicant, RWU has so much more to offer. Choosing a college is an extremely important decision in your life. There are many factors to consider which can make it seem challenging at times. The most important thing to remember during this time is that you need to be happy with your decision!

Good luck to everyone in the decision-making process and we hope to see you at one of our Accepted Student Days!

All the best,

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Athletics, Admissions Events and More!

Athletics, Admissions Events and More!

It’s official! RWU’s second Open House of the year is in the books! We had another incredible turnout and mother nature gave us another great day of weather. Didn’t have the chance to come to campus? No problem! Our final Open House of the year is Sunday, November 3 from 1:00 to 5:00. Feel free to give us a call or visit the Admissions page of our website to register. Open House gives you the opportunity to hear from President Farish, take a tour of our beautiful campus, hear from faculty and staff about our available programs of study, meet with athletic coaches and talk with students involved in various clubs and organizations on campus. It’s a great way to find out what Roger Williams University is all about!

An awesome view of the Mount Hope Bay and courtyard from Willow Hall.

In the past couple of weeks our athletics teams have been racking up the wins. Recently, our women’s soccer teamed was ranked 21st in the nation. The equestrian team took fourth place at Becker College in Worcester, Mass. Our cross country teams walked away with a third place finish for women’s and a fifth place finish for men’s at Western New England University. The field hockey team also had a great win against Johnson and Wales this past week. Our Division III athletics teams are another great way to get involved on campus. We also offer a variety of club sports and intramurals! Club sports allow students to compete against other schools with an easier time commitment. Intramural sports allow students to face off against each other right here on campus. Be sure to check out our athletics page for more information on our teams and athletic event updates.

With November just around the corner, many of you are probably in the process of finishing up your common applications and college essays. Here’s a glance at our application deadlines:

  • Early Action I: November 1
  • Early Action II: November 15
  • Regular Decision: February 1

All of our deadlines are non-binding. We’re here to make the college admissions process as smooth as possible for you. Don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions you may have – that’s why we’re here!

Check back next week for more updates, events, and an inside look at life at RWU!


RWU Fun Fact of the Week: Did you know that RWU has 70+ clubs and organizations? There’s bound to be something to fit your interests!

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My name is Matt Regan and I’m a sophomore here at Roger Williams University from Medford, Massachusetts. I major in Security Assurance Studies with a minor in Computer Science and a concentration in Psychology. I work at the Office of Admissions, I am a member of the Track & Field team and I am also a part of the fundraising committee for our school’s Colleges Against Cancer club.

As the year progresses, I’ll be here to keep you updated on what life is all about at RWU. You’ll be able to get an inside look at what it’s like to be a Hawk at Roger Williams.

Here’s a few things you can expect to see here as the year goes on:

  • Campus Events
  • Academic Life
  • Residence Life Experience
  • Athletics Updates
  • Important Admissions Events & Dates.

I can’t wait for you to find out what the RWU experience is all about. This school has so much to offer and this blog is the perfect way to discover it all!

Check back soon for my next post!

Matt Regan

RWU Fun Fact of the Week: Not sure about your major? No problem! RWU offers more than 40 programs of study and even the opportunity to design your own!

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